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Исполнитель: Thom Yorke
Трек добавлен: 05.09.2018, Даниил
Скачали: 4
Размер, битрейт: 524 Кб, 128Кб/с
Категория: Рингтоны » Зарубежные
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Клип Thom Yorke - Skip Divided

Слова песни Thom Yorke - Skip Divided

[Verse 1]
I'm in a skip divided malfunction
I flap around and dive bomb
Frantically around your light
Enveloped in a sad distraction
I got your voice repeating endlessly
Could you guide me in?
Could you smother me?
I swoop around your head, but I never hit
I'm blinded by your daylight
Electric veins pass through me
I thought there was this big connection

I only got my name, I only got the situation
I just need a number and location

[Verse 2]
Without appropriate papers or permissions
I'm known to bite in tight situations
And I head into
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