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Исполнитель: NEFFEX
Трек добавлен: 03.07.2018, Анна
Скачали: 18
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Слова песни NEFFEX - Soldier

I spit raps like a heart attack, fast fatal hard impact
Past painful scars in fact, I blast tasteful bars in packs
I back up my actions, fact, don't ask, grab reactions, jacked
Attack with every word then act with class, as they hear me snap
I got nothing to lose, 'cause I fought and felt the bruise
Now I'm not the one confused, call the shots and they produce
I ain't lost I'm finally loose, pick a noose over excuse
I need the views to boost me to a new abuse of being used
Everybody wants a piece now, y'all can rest in peace now
Your dead to me so peace out, remember your discrete doubt
Get ready for defeat now, I'm gon' make you bleed out
Listen on repeat now and weed out all the weak now
Get up and make a change, don't remember yesterday
If you got something to say, speak your mind before your grave
'Cause your life is yours to save, ain't nobody
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