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Исполнитель: Anne-Marie
Трек добавлен: 08.09.2018, Кирилл
Скачали: 17
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Слова песни Anne-Marie - Alarm

You lay here with me, you're shutting down
I smell her on you, I'm focused now
I know what's going on in your head, yeah
I know what's happened here in our bed, yeah
Your phone is buzzing, so pick it up
I know she calling, so what the fuck
I should've known a cheat stays a cheater
So here we are
And there goes the alarm ringing in my head
Like somebody said, "don't you trust him, no"
Texting from his ex, what did you expect?
Now you're lying here knowing where he goes
Now he gotta getcha
Karma is a bitch, yeah
Same way that they come that's the way they go
Now he gotta getcha
Rewinding the picture
There goes the alarm and the sirens go
There goes the alarm
I saw
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