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Рейтинг: 3.7 из 5. Оценок: 1072
Исполнитель: LP
Трек добавлен: 20.12.2016, Марфа
Скачали: 3215
Размер, битрейт: 496 Кб, 128Кб/с
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Слова песни LP - Tightrope

Hold on, I know you're scared
But you're so close to heaven
Eyes shut tight
Just pretend you're like a feather

Flew down the clouds together
But don't look down, not ever
Don't ask why
Just look out unto forever

All this time
You're just tryin' not to lose it
You can always learn to fly
You never do until you do it

Up high in the middle of nowhere
Don't know but you know when you get there
Walk slow and low on a tightrope
Hope it lasts but you know, you never know

Take a chance we can dance up in mid-air
Feel so good, I could die, but I don't care
Walk slow and low on a tightrope
Hope it
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