Текст и слова песни Tough Love - Rain Dance

Tough Love
Uh-huh, rain dance
Choking on the loud
Got liquor, plenty to go around
Episodes of Girls Gone Wild
Stevie Stone, Tecca Nina, Mystikal
Said she down with the elites
Drinkin' liquor think she tryna get the bidness
She got her ass to the ceiling
5 chains when there's money in the building
I don't have to show a rubber band to Pacquiao
Bring it back, got back, splat [?]
On the man, I'm the man still I [?]
Money made [?], I'm an animal
Good [?] Imma give her that billy (that billy)
Rain dance for the niggas in the city (in the city)
Automatic, Imma, Imma tug a [?]
No hands, going H.A.M, bitch you good at it
Yup, I'll make it bounce, like this (like this)
Hit Sway up in the morning, like this (like this)
Never seen this much money come around