Текст и слова песни Rick Ross - TipToe'n

Rick Ross
Wine fa me darlin'
Way you move ya spine is alarmin'
Mi wan you just
Big fat thang, overflowing
Skin tight dress, couldn't hold it
Way too thick like it's swollen
Girl, you're too bad and you know it
When you drop down, lose focus
When that thing clap, that's a bonus
Mmm, that cake looking appetizing
Back pack full, that's a crisis
Bring that body my way
Can't take it off my brain
Look like you do ballet (yeah)
Hold tight when you tiptoe
Shake something when you tiptoe
Don't brace when you push that back
Left, right, do it just like that
Hold tight when you tiptoe
Ayo, God blessed you from behind (I do)
One hand up like the Heisman (touchdown)
First class seat when you're riding (oh yeah)
Wine that thing like it's spineless