Текст и слова песни Busta Rhymes - As I Come Back

Busta Rhymes
Here we come yo, here we go (It's goin' on now) [Repeat: x2]
Busta Rhymes nigga, here we go
Flipmode nigga, here we go
Neptunes nigga, here we go
Once again my niggas, here we go
Come on, guess who's back in town,
Bitches get on the dance floor and pull ya shit on down!
From miles around,
I been fuckin' bitches up and flip a brand new sound!
The most hot shit all around
So hot it make a bitch want to give me a pound!
Huh, fall on the ground, (come on)
Roll up a backwood and stay steamin the brown!
The way we comin' to town,
See we controllin' the fort now, nigga give me the crown!
Talk that shit to me girl, what you say, arrah!
Strip for me, I got the camcorder shorty make her flip for me!
And how ya ass get split for mearrah!
See how we makin' you black