Текст и слова песни Busta Rhymes - Bounce

Busta Rhymes
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce niggas
Come on bounce, come on bounce, bounce
Come on bounce bitches, come on bounce
Come on bounce, come on bounce
Everybody bounce niggas, come on bounce
What come on, come on
I'm saying bounce bitches, come on bounce now
Yes, yes y'all, you know we talking it all
See how we bringing the street corner to Cargenie Hall
It be so funny to see how badly they want it
The fall, fucking up something me and my niggas is ready to brawl (ha!)
Now I'm ready to call my niggas get off of the wall
I run up in the club like how these bitches will run in the mall
While we popping the collar holla you need to folla the scholar (hey yo!)
Hustle for dollas and rock it until manana
My niggas, know how we do it