Текст и слова песни Chris Brоwn - Yоu Likе

Chris Brown
[Verse 1]
I want you to dance 'cause you feel beautiful inside, baby
Want you to be yourself, you know you ain't gotta lie to me
I know you spent a lot of time in the mirror to get right for me
And it ain't always 'bout what you look like you're just right for me

Girl, I want you to be you
Loving, it ain't too hard to do when all I want is you
And it's true, you know I'ma let you have your way, yeah
You know I ain't complaining, I know it already

I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours
Forget yourself, slay the night
I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours, that's right
Girl, it's whatever you like
Girl, it's whatever you like
Girl, it's whatever you like

[Verse 2]
Baby, 'bout the party up, bought the party boats
You know I got my money up, ain't shit for me to ante up
Do what you want to, baby, I'ma still want you, baby, you know I'm crazy
You know that I'll leave it in if you want a baby
Steady, I'm status, I'm motivating like all the ladies
Diamonds and the pearls for the girls, no hesitating
Buying you diamonds all the time, you shining, baby
I'm tryna get you that first flight out of Vegas